Tuesday, 16 July 2013


There is beauty in the crystal carpet of frost
Covering the ground, broken only by defiant trees
And dog paw prints
How I enjoy standing in the crisp air, my breath
A halo around my head
My fingers detached and screaming in refreshing pain
Telling me I am alive
As I scrape at ice on the wind shield of my car

Overhead, stars litter the sky, an untidy splash
From some ancient God in a temper
Yet, beautiful in its randomness
With the sliver of moon, a pale face peering around her veil
Watching the white world awaken
Seeing one man in earnest to start his day
Offering no help, but nonetheless comfort
This companion, this eternal friend

In the deathly silence, I can hear my breathing
My heart beating
I am alone, but not lonely
Need no one, want no one, wanted by no one
Loveless? Maybe yes, maybe no.
But does it matter, under the blanket of frost
The canopy of open sky pin pricked with glitter
Being spied on by an unloving, cold faced moon?

I am happy with who I am
What I am
Even happier when the car starts the first time
And I can glide into the morning, fresh.

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