Thursday, 11 July 2013

Tainted treasure

To know what you want, but can't hold
Is like a million shards of broken glass
Buried like tainted treasure in the depths of your soul

From the depths of despair, with a primal scream
You come to realise, perhaps too late that
Life without is more nightmare than ever it was dream

Longer nights, and fitful days, spent in desperate yearning
Too much time spent inside daydream conversations
To understand that your soul is burning

How long can you wait, precious heart?
Before you're torn asunder
When the world you trust, comes apart
And you're battered by lightning and thunder

Once committed it's too late to turn back to retrace that path
You can only move forward on Time's resolute wheel
And steer a course beyond the aftermath

I may pluck the courage like lint from my sleeves
                I could form words around the tongue in my mouth
                I could stand before you and preen and gesticulate like the best Sophist
                I could speculate on the wonders of the Spheres
                And in time,
                I could win you