Friday, 12 July 2013

(Pick me up) Watch me fly

Stolen glance
Crowded room
Love struck
Sonic boom

Don't stop, make her yours
Pick me up, watch out the claws
Stand in line, wait in cue
What do I have to do just to get to you


Watch me fly, auto pilot, baby
Under clean blue skies
Be my trash, diamonds and lace
Pouting lips, but a pretty face
Oh, my

Credit card
Daddy's car
Private jet
And caviar

Don't stop, make her yours
Pick me up, no time to pause
Wait in line, all day all night
Just one more kiss before I go tonight


Watch me fly, auto glide, honey
Through the crystal skies
Use me twice, stockings and lace
Ruby lips, but such a disgrace
My, oh my...

Now she's gone
She doesn't care
Another broken heart
But no cross to bear

A haughty laugh
A private joke
She takes the cigarette
She doesn't smoke

Pretty girl, out to impress
Diamond ring and see through dress

Oh, my

What have we got?
Serial storyline, non linear plot
She moves from beau to beau
Like connect the dots

Watch me fly, collision course, baby
Through these hazy skies
Shower me with cold rain on my face
Bore me now, put you back in place

Dangerous? Yes
But you know I will fail the test

Watch me fly
Pick me up
Watch me fly
Let me go
Watch me fly
Up high, down low, too slow

She moves on...

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