Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Stand Up Comedy

You bare your heart, leave it exposed
Put your pride out on a limb
Maybe there is a chance – an outside chance (at best)
Of making something from nothing

But you’re a nice guy, we all know
Always quick with a self-deprecating joke
Which isn’t much to say, anyway
When your words just make you choke

You thought she was the one, maybe the signs were there
But maybe is still just doubt
And comedy becomes tragedy
When you’re the one who is left without

But you’re a nice guy, we all know
Maybe prone to love too fast
Just as quick with a smile, a shoulder, a helping hand
But really, nice guys finish last

Have you tried… Stand Up Comedy?
We really think you’d shine
Laughter is the best cure for all our maladies
So let us both laugh until we cry

But when you told her that you love her
At that moment, when things felt fine
You saw the ice gloss over her irises
As if she was waiting for the punch line…

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