Friday, 25 January 2013

New Day

A new day dawns
Brave and bold, golden colours with red
Where I lie bleeding
It was a last attempt at catching hope
Those fleeting fingers enfold
Catch the cloth, frayed
Gone, you're gone, so long

I don't really care any more at least that is what I say
But I keep staring at your photograph
And reading your poetry
And I keep singing your songs, singing along
With you
As you sang along
With me

But it wasn't meant to be
We weren't really even friends
And it has taken so long until this
New Day
For me to know there was nothing
Your words empty bowls
Your lust wasn't even real

And I don't care any more
I don't care what you told your friends
You don't even have the guts to say goodbye
I know this wasn't love
Was a quick and easy fuck
While you bide your time
For something better

This new day finds me alone
But I am stronger
For having weathered your storm

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