Tuesday, 22 January 2013


I always thought you were naïve,
That there were some things you didn’t know.
But there’s a spark of intellect in those dark eyes.
Some things you didn’t show.
I thought you were lying
When you said that you’ve been there before. 
I swear you must have been joking
You say you’ve seen it all and more.

And there were many times I thought you would cry.
There were many times I asked myself why.
Why I should be towing you around the way I do.
Why it’s always me who wipes the shit from your shoes.

I always thought you were a little strange,
There were some things that you already knew.
Laying my cards on the table for so long
While why resentment only grew and grew. 
I’m getting so tired of finding excuses,
I’m getting so tired of only finding pain. 
The more you talk about your state of perfection,
The sooner I tend to think I’m insane.

And there were many times where I was cold as ice.
There were many times I just didn’t want to roll the dice.
To only have it come up so that you win.
It’s time you stood on your feet; learned how to swim.

You can talk for hours my friend.
You can only talk for so long until the end…

You know I always wondered what would become of you
If I only had the nerve to let you go. 
You’re still as naive as the day we met,
Though the naivety doesn’t really show. 
You may have walked a mile in my shoes,
But it was my apathy that gave you wings. 
You may have been the one singing my blues,
But in the end I’m the one who’s saving you…