Tuesday, 15 January 2013

One Thousand Things I Didn’t Say

There’s your car parked on the road
You and me, the house, the hill
The park where we first kissed

There’s your smile, nervous grace
You and me, how time stood still
Each precious memory now that I miss

Too late, the signs I saw coming
I closed my eyes

There are the words I want to hear
You and me, and time to kill
Blinding sun, blinded moon

Empty promise, empty chalice,
You and me, and bitter wine
In this a parade of fools...

Too late, the seams undoing
I closed my eyes
The self destruction my own choosing
What have I done?

Now my friends are strangers
I overlooked the dangers
Of becoming suddenly alone
Once I was the object of affection
Now the agent of rejection
Dug deep enough to peel away the bone

It’s my car parked on the road
You’re not with me I am alone
I can’t stand to see
The park where we first kissed