Monday, 14 January 2013

No Such Thing (The Fall)

Luck... there’s no such thing
Just a set of circumstances
A promise and a ring

But we know...
This is fleeting like a sideways glance
Colder than the tombstones
Of some dark and cold romance

Yet it still hurts to be
Cast aside like yesterday’s paper
Would it have been easier
Had we never even met each other?
And still we dance
Two pathetic moths around the flame
I beg, you repulse
And bitter is the taste of the blame

Love... there’s no such thing
(It’s an invention in some poet’s mind...)
Just candied words in a voice
I wish I could sing

But we know...
How each false witness bears a lie
And though we try to run
The sun in front is now behind

Yet it still hurts to be
Another line mark on the wall
A passing fancy; that
Dead ember of words crushed in a ball
When the paper is blank
And the words seem hard to form
It’s always easier to take the hit
Than to take the fall...