Thursday, 3 January 2013

Garden Song

Once warm in the shelter now drowning in the sea
Not what you really wanted, but all that I deserved
Emptiness and longing and a hole a mile wide
That was the ashes of love sown like salt into the earth

I entered this garden to hear your song
To smile encouragement at the chords you played wrong
The dead frets on your guitar, hammered rhythm, botched rhyme
I’d tap my foot along and keep you in time

You were never afraid to bare your soul
Uncover secret passions hidden from me and from the light
It was I who was too scared to cast aside the chains
There I remained in the night

Now the songs in the garden are muted, if not dead
And the words but a mumble, breath of wind in my head
And the flowers are faded, wilted and denied
As with all things innocent we leave the garden behind