Thursday, 8 August 2013

I won't cry over you

I won't cry over you, this cause is already lost
Pick up the broken pieces, and my pride from the dust
Where it lays with my heart, bleeding, but still beating
Closed the door gently, silent curses, this history repeating

Maybe I fall too soon; maybe this is my lot in life
To be that moment's burning spark, but never Mr Right
That would seem a common thread through all I have said and done
At the end of each encounter, why should I reassess what I've become?

You are but a footnote in my book of life
Obscure like a speck of trivia
A leaf making a raft on a river
You are proof that life based on a lie
Will always be false
And that love will not last forever

Like a thousand shards of glass
Tearing wounds across my mind
Thoughts chasing across the plains
Like a stampede of headless cattle
Following blind panic to the end of the horizon

So, in the setting of the dying sun, let this be my swift adieu,
Though void now, I shall rebuild; I won't cry over you.