Friday, 2 August 2013

Fire & Ice

Hello, is this love I am feeling?
Or some other lie waiting in the wings
Each face on a crowded street blurs
One into another as the tide it sings

We met as strangers, that look we shared
Brought my hand to your hand and me to your bed
Sweet moonlight bent rays reflecting the light of the sun
As the toxic fumes of love swam through my drunken head

This moment, stolen
We can only curse
Forgotten moments
Like fragments of melted ice

No words were exchanged as our passion was spent;
Cold, the morning light, shone, a beacon of truth
A frozen glance between us across the chasm of the defiled bed
Sealed the true meaning of our lies, became burden of proof

This moment, cursed
As cursed as we shall be
Another notch to my belt, I bet
Another layer of ice on my soul

And yet, be this as it may
As we part and go our own ways
This folly will follow us from one night to the next

We’re not looking for perfection
Not even false affection
As we spin out of control again and again...

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