Tuesday, 27 August 2013


I don't know about you,
But I feel these whims are distractions from
That which you don't want to face
Perhaps wrong doings in a distant past,
Poor choices, with dire consequences
That you've now chalked up as disgrace

Bird-like you flutter from this to that
Unsure if you'll break free from the cage
Of perpetual discontentment with your life
If you're trapped, you're the only one who sees it
As you beat dementedly at invisible bars
Shed tears, and bleed, inflicted with this strife

Perhaps you only have to sit back and take
A new look at that which seems to demonise;
Stop chewing your lips and wringing your hands
This disappointment is but transient,
A now conjured perhaps from a bitter past
That has chased you across foreign lands

Step back, but most of all breathe...
Unchain yourself from the shackles self imposed
You have nothing left to lose
Instead of piling resentment upon resentment
Hiding behind walls you have reinforced with doubt
And sifting through air to discover clues

There is no mystery
There is no darkness other than that you make
Each step into enlightenment
Is one less step you have to take
But remember that like time, you must go forward
There is no turning back
Why hide inside your cage, a fluttering prisoner
When you should come forth and attack?

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