Tuesday, 27 August 2013

How to avoid living

Sometimes I wonder, why do I even bother?
I try to smile but you always bring me down

I want to share my good news with you
But all you want is to share with me your blues

Oh, why?

Take a step back
See from my eyes
Hear your voice with my ears
Ask yourself why

Why now, after all we've been through
It's like you want to slip out from the back door
The world is tough, tough enough, yeah that's true
But you can only chase the sun so long before
The sun chases you

Oh, why?

Listen to your reasons
Excuses thick and fast
Empty chalices, broken promises
How long will this next turn last?

You say you're after perfection,
Yet you cease all that you start
You'd rather a million false starts
So as not to upset the apple cart

With your head in the clouds, and the dreams alive
Playing out in the theatre inside your mind
You can preach all you want about what happened before
But for now, let it be known, you've stopped living.

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