Sunday, 10 November 2013


Overwhelmed, I
Under a night sky pin pricked with stars
A million lost souls floating alone in the dark
A scattered bounty of a lonely god from afar
Each disconnected blink, a simple point of light
On a tiara no one will ever wear
Lost in silence, a perpetually held breath
Will this fabric ever tear?

Overwhelmed, I
At the longest distance between two points, alone
An absence of gravity, floating
Weary limbs, heavy heart and head, take me home
I've spent my last breath telling her how I feel
My words naught but sounds evaporating into air
In this, the coldest parsec between here and now
With her seemingly distant and unable to care

There is an old tree with gnarled branches
Beseeching forlornly the empty skies
Shattered down its middle by a sword of lightning
And while clinging to life, looking for a place to die
Here I am, hands in my jacket pockets
Smoke rings of frost halo my head
Wishing at that moment I was a lightning conductor
While I am living, but wishing to be dead

Overwhelmed, I
No more
There has to be an end...
Somewhere, surely?

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