Thursday, 7 November 2013


While the sun was shining and the hay was being made
While the cards were in your favour in the game being played
While your face was smiling and the words were kind
And the dark clouds were at the edges of your mind
You weren’t afraid

While the answers were simple and the costs were neat
While tomorrow smelled sweetly week after week
While the flowers weren’t faded and the dream was alive
And the dark clouds hovered too far to the side
You weren’t afraid

We were
Two riders heading to the same distant horizon

We were
Two souls looking at the same future spread in front of us

We were
Racehorses firing away to the hills and beyond

We weren’t afraid

Now the passing of sunsets
And the showering of rain
Forced us to slow down
Showed us some pain

Gone were the pioneers
Gone was the heart
Gone were the promises
We made at the start

When the stones of reality came crashing down
When every familiar face became part of the crowd
When you weigh up the options and don’t like what you see
And the dark clouds moved like a shadow over me
You were afraid

When you think about tomorrow but dream of the past
When the seeds of promise were scattered in the dust
When it became too much to fight for, you gave it away
And now those dark clouds can hold their sway
You are afraid

Like the gambler curses his luck
And the poet kills his muse
Like the painter downs his tools
And the sleuth doubts his clues
You read your cards and folded
And you didn’t play the hand

They say that life is like a game of chance
They say you need a pinch of luck
To gamble with romance

From what I’ve seen and what I’ve felt
I know there’s some truth in what they say

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