Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Buy now, pay later

It feels so good to be disconnected
These random images
Floating on a sea of apathy
Faceless strangers heave and haul
Overrated assumptions about the mechanics of relationships
And the politics of popularity
Hidden behind masks of conspiracy

How we all love to embrace from our armchairs
The wrongness of the world
Just to share it with the masses, but do nothing
Chinese whispers invariably seem enough
"Open your ears and eyes to this new truth!"
Only to contradict it tomorrow on a new band wagon
And change the channel on TV

We buy the lies as easy as the air we breathe
So cheap when we justify them
By the empty promises they grant
A species of self improvement, that begins with the numbers
Of that credit card you swore you'd use only for an emergency
But... since when is life affirming anything but... an emergency?
Of course; buy now, pay later