Friday, 22 November 2013

King of Nothing, King of Everything

Climb this rocky mountain peak
Bury the words you want to speak
Hold back the cover of darkest night
Prepare for the coming of the light

Stand alone in the endless rain
Masking the hate, hating the pain
Feel unlucky, so warm and clean
Try to think over the screams

Lonely dark and cold ice burning
Standing still the world is turning
Shapes predatory lock your bones
Sliver sliding o’er hot coals!

Restless faces, eyes are watching
Dirty hands on clean white washing
Candle bright the dark withholding
A piece of litmus paper is smouldering

Hearts in chests and heads on pikes
Too many holes for fingers in dykes
Your hands search for a love to find
And love finds a place to hide

A match strikes the light it makes
One stroke struck is a nation’s mistake
Blame everyone else but yourself
Too stubborn to bend a knee to help

Your blindness is your spine-stiff pride
A breastplate to glance suggestions aside
Think that the Nexus is you alone
Turn a cave into a home

Muscles burning tension wires
Bell tower brazen rings church spires
Holes are whole; bell to toll
Narcissus was an ugly troll

You’re in need of no proof
You watched life criticise the truth
And it came to you as no surprise
When his mouth opened and out came lies

You watched as age destroyed the youth
You won’t have him under your roof
One look at them will paralyse
How in hell are we supposed to survive?

O lonely, lonely, lonely child
What can be done to make you smile?
If only to turn away the grey
Change the sky to a summer’s day

Bridges burning hot and fast
Throw, threw, thrown the stone is cast
Night and day are just the same
No one wants to shoulder the blame

Dear King of Nothing, hand on sword,
To save the day your oath, you swore
Oh King of Everything, is that your desire?
To consume the world in damning fire?

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