Friday, 11 October 2013

The Last Night on Earth

This is the moment when the clock stops
And time freezes
Where our last words linger like spider webs
Caught on errant breezes
This is the moment when our hearts
Stop beating
And when we realise the time we're given
Is just fleeting

If this is to be the end, let the end be swift
A closing of our eyes
Soft sighs
Anything but this

This is the moment when the clock stops
The countdown begins
Where we're all together, for thick and for thin
Regardless of our sins
This is the moment when we are brothers and sisters
Braving the wind
The moment when our leaders sell our souls
And enemies now become kin

If this is to be the end, in one moment, a blink
If we are to die
In a rising tide
If this is our final thought to think...

Then hold me as the waves crash around us
As the sky is torn asunder
From the flaming fingers falling from the sky
As the mighty Hand of God punches towards heaven
And we're left to wonder why

Did negotiations fail, or was there a hidden agenda?
If our extinction is imminent
And not just words tooled to frighten, hurtful propaganda?
Can we, you and I, as the darkness encumbers
Share one final embrace on this beach head
Before we each embrace eternal slumber?

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