Friday, 18 October 2013

The Debt of Conscience

Never before have the hills seemed so steep
The sun too bright in the sky,
The thrills too cheap
Never have I wanted to slow down
As much as I want to slow down now,
Never has a smile felt so much like a frown

Got one finger on the button one finger on the pulse
And one on the trigger
Can you tell me true from false?
Got a man inside my head telling me to jump
Over fourteen storeys high
Am I scared enough?

Got a vest of plastic strapped to my chest
Got the switch-blade in my pocket
Got a real need to impress
Forty thousand voices crying to be heard
Got no need for absolution
When G-d is just a word

And now, ye faithful pilgrims,
Let's see what you've become when you
Turn your back on humanity
And babble with the Flood
Is there going to be a saviour along the
Supposed Golden Path?
A winged angel with benevolent grace
To cushion the aftermath?

Lo, the valley of the shadow does not look fearsome
In the burning light of day
Nor the eternal sulfurous burning of Hades
For those tempted to wander astray

But, oh, but...
Oh, why?
Do you hesitate right before the end?
Is the man before you really the enemy,
Or is he really your friend?

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