Saturday, 12 October 2013

Swan Song

Take these words, for what they're worth
Pathetic in the light of day
Play my strings, puppet that I am
In skies smudged black and grey

Take my blood, my precious life
As if it's yours to give away
Scatter my thoughts like so many seeds
That seems to be your way

But hold on tight, do not let go
Forever is a long time to stay
Chain me to your side, uncaring
For fear that I might stray...

Say those words, you've been holding back
Your eyes dance to a new rhyme
Beguiling master, with silver tongue
Plying untruths with bitter lies

Here is my blood, this holy tincture
Crimson rose blossoms on porcelain stained
Now that you've denied me, blighted me
I have a new game to play

Stop your screaming, use your words
Don't close your eyes, you don't deserve
Censorship to this act, committed coldly
A cheap thrill, outré, surely? More likely perverse

Why are YOU crying?
This won't take me very long
And you will be free again, to do as you want
And this shall be my swan song...


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