Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Worst Thing

Don't be afraid, take the chance
It's only love, they say
A fickle chemistry, unstable reactions
Fireworks, that untested atomic bomb
What's the worst thing that can happen?

Strange how it is easier to advise than take advice
Hindsight makes a brilliant teacher
Without a time machine
Still doomed on that treadmill to run at a horizon
Fixed, unmoving

Stop me if you've heard this before
Take the needle from the record spinning
Wearing out that groove
That same conversation we've had many times
Over a dozen's dozen of drinks

I can laugh now, secure in my loneliness
Peculiar in being single while my friends
Traipse in twos
I loved once upon a time, so long now
I've forgotten that moment when two hearts beat as one

Jaded? I could be. Void of feeling? Sure
But I'm the artist painting this portrait
It can be any way I want
I like fine lines, naked truth, spots of blood and bone
The truth should be served cold, colder than revenge, after all

Cold grey, dark black. Blue.
And an empty patch of white where my heart used to be
Oh, and dappled clouds hiding the face of the sun
Because it will rain here, forever
And I stand on this corner, alone, without an umbrella.

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