Tuesday, 18 February 2014


So I stared into the face of Mother Moon
And she stared back
Her gaze uncompromising

She knows my secrets, my desires
Hidden deep and dark behind
The stillness of my eyes
Black lakes, unfeeling

We share a connection of sorts
This orbiting rock and the mortal knave
Turning his collar against the cold
As familiar to his skin as a lover

Our silence is a mutual bond; no words we need
She can read my thoughts like a tableau
She knows the darkness of my past
And why I choose this nocturnal run under her gaze

Was through the window she gazed
At that crucial moment, the only witness
A co-conspirator, my confessor,
Though absolution is the farthest track of my mind

She knows now why I hurry, heart racing
Constant wringing of crimson gloved hands
Carried by the stain of guilt
To be as far from this place when Mother Moon disappears.