Wednesday, 5 February 2014


So tired... so tired...

Lie awake, afraid to dream
Petrified to hear the screams
My own heart racing in my chest
Duelling with madness, the ultimate test

These images of dread on the walls of my mind
Her eyes are closed; mine, opened, are blind
Feeling the walls as they draw ever near
Pray for morning sunlight to make meaning clear

So lost... so lost...

A galley of faces, strangers all

Arranged in lines along my hall
Eyes that follow, frowns disapprove
As empty lips around hollow words move

And as the air thickens, and we struggle to breathe
As the hallways become wider, and longer
And every step forwards feels like two taken back
And the laws of physics and logic are deceived
Every scream soundless and every truth a lie
And with but a thought, we can jump and leave the earth
Take to wings and fly

All this twisted, wicked, distortion
The thinning nexus of time
As we stand among the multitudes
And try to say goodbye
The part of me that's longing knows
That this is but a dream
And the sky will soon be torn asunder
And once more there shall be the screams...