Wednesday, 9 April 2014

You Know I Will Be Back

Your love is...
A drug
Hooked, I just can't get enough
You know I will be back
For more

I can't help myself
Can't tell the pleasure
From the pain
Keep coming back for more
And more
And more
Again and again

It's no good for me
Infects me like
A disease
And yet here I am
Falling at your feet, again
Admitting defeat, again

Got me hooked

And even though I know better
And I know I should just forget her
She just has to say my name
And there I am
Happy to be with her... again
But what is different this time,
That wasn't there last time?
Another spin, different lines, more
Promises, proclamations, lies?
Until I am spinning out of control
Bleeding from my soul
Cast aside... until...

Next time
And despite my reservations
Knowing our history
Once more I give in to temptation

Can't escape your winning smile
And your promises

You know I will be back.

And I know it, too.

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