Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Nothing New Here

How the heartbreak, once devastating
Is healed; and seamlessly
As we scuttle from one disaster
To the next
Where once we bemoan Fate's dealt hand
And turn inward, curse ourselves
Our imperfections
Wallow in self pity and blame

"I will never love again!"
That worn out catchphrase,
That cry for attention.
Woe. Oh, woe!
Your life has ended
Will nothing ease this pain?

Dark thoughts
Pits of despair
The bottom of many a bottle
Green eyes, mulish pursing of one's lips
At the happiness of others
While your mind's dagger drags over the whetstone
Plots of vengeance
The sour grapes upon the rotten vine

Until the next rogue, with silken words
And deft fingers
Unlocks the shackles - self imposed, of course -
Of your heart
With promises and attentions
And that charming smile

So unlike the others, who you only remember
From the bitterness of the end
When their hollowness was exposed
And their litany of perfection was naught but lies
Oh how you take the bait on offer
Good fish
Suddenly forgetting the dark moments
And tear stained cheeks
The heart rending, pathetic
"I will never love again!"


The cycle, started anew
On the same old worn path
With no surprises
Lurches like a trainwreck
In slow motion
But we can't close our eyes, nor turn our heads
When it is played and replayed
Right before us
Ad infinitum

We, well-practiced cynics
Wait for the derailment
With tired patience
Sagacity dulled with boredom

Nothing new here.