Thursday, 12 December 2013

In The Evening

Tired eyes to the ground are cast
The dice of forgotten dreams
So desperately wild and hopeful
Waiting for the pot of gold that eludes their open fingers…

Watch me fly, to try, to die
I get so high, only to come down again
There’s no peace here
And at the end of the day
What do we have to show?
Broken pieces that never fit together
Anyway but looked good for a second in the daylight
Away from the doubts and shadows
That threaten as night threatens the day

Dawn’s light is hardly the time for truth
But for the innocence of the March lamb
Whose innocence and charm we cannot refute
But promise me the answers to the questions
Forming and reforming in my head like a gaol
And cast my doubts on the calm of the ocean
Rig the deck, set them to sail…

In the evening, where the light is dim
And the shadows come alive to crawl
In the evening, where the light is dim
You have no truth at all
Unless you face the wall and with regret
Admit that maybe you were wrong
In the evening, nothing stays but passes into night.