Friday, 20 December 2013

Empty Bed

Sweet surrender, I made you mine
We had forever, but we had little time
Your lips to mine, so many words to say
Soft skin divine, caught in a moment's play

If this is true, this one passing second, an eternal embrace
Would but this be sealed in gold, forever
Or to ours, would this be disgrace?
Timeless, yet, much to our chagrin
Was it love or lust I saw in your eyes
Love, or just a fling?

Honeyed promise, I took you there and then
Whispered lies, oh... where to begin?
The folly mine, wore my heart on my sleeve
Only now, I can't trust what I believe

No longer true, truth hides behind the clouds, the sun
No longer wears a golden crown
Empty words, gathered round my head
Hollow heart, those empty words we said
Was it love or was it lust? Our own stories,
Of ashes turning into dust
Crown of thorns, at home amongst the dead
I'll take my leave, rest you in this empty bed