Sunday, 22 March 2015

Lady Humvee

Here she comes again
That little girl behind the big wheel
Either hand at ten and two
The other in the air, adjust the mirror
Red cheap lipstick, painted smile
Cellphone every quarter mile
She likes the ride, the thrust of power
Overcompensation for love.

Behind the visor, a thousand dollar prescription
Mirrored lenses... so tragic
Kids in the back, zombies to their IT
Teen idols... quite pathetic

She drives so hard
Makes the bad boys blush
How they love what they can't get
While she feels the rush
Heads turn as she goes by
Lady on a mission, five on the floor
Transmission... she loves how it feels
So much power for such a petite felle

Lady Humvee, how big is too big?
The world is your dinner plate
Real diamonds in your tiara
As you burn away the rush hour
While Daddy plays the eighteen
With his three grand daily habit
You only want the fun with the dollar signs added...

Lady Humvee
Little girl behind the big wheel

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