Saturday, 10 May 2014

That Far Horizon

Throw my bones out to the dogs
And lock my heart inside this vault
Kick me while I am down
Swallow this blame, you know, this is my fault

After all, I cannot help but say the words
To bend the air to form the sound of my purpose
How I long to have a mountain peak to shout aloud from
To clear the air of the doubter's vitriolic curses

My hands, now wrung, become twisted claws
Cruel talons, clutching the bloody flesh of fate
Sure, I understand the trivialities and the sarcasm
But at least my feet know the path I should take

This road strewn with memories and regrets
The assorted detritus of old whims and older desires
Looking ahead, there shines a golden light on that far horizon
Where at last, I can feel the warmth of a million fires

And it is true, all these years and miles between us
Will, at that right moment, evaporate and disappear
As smiling, I take your hand in my hand, hold it tight
Sharing our knowledge that the path ahead for us is clear

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