Saturday, 8 March 2014

Welcome to my world

I wake up
Get out of bed
Find my mask and put it over my face

Wipe the dishes dry
Brush my teeth
My apathy forces me to lock the door as I leave

I trudge the road
My head is hung
The frost crunches beneath my No Brand shoes

I smile at my colleagues
I bite back retorts
I want to teach the little bastards to dance

My mind is numb
My thoughts are dumb
Each hour passes without a blink

I stare into space
Eight and a half hours
A two pack day and one foot in the grave

Home again
Mask by the door
I sag against the jamb, fall to the floor

Dinner for one
Frozen peas and white sauce
I toast the mirror: prost!

Then to bed
Early to rise
Another day, more lies

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